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Robert has played basketball at the highest levels and has a wealth of knowledge and insight from some of the brightest basketball minds today. He has learned from a bevy of talented developmental coaches. Canadian National Team coaches Roy Rana and Greg Francis, Australian national team coach Tim Mallon, Mexican National Team coach Pep Claros, Bahamas National Team Coach Mario Bowleg, NBA scout Don Sellers, NBA Champion Craig Hodges, and NBA All-Star Jerry Stackhouse.

Additionally, Robert has over 10 years of basketball coaching experience. Robert has coached at the high school level as the Head Coach of Armbrae Academy’s Senior Boys basketball team. He has held leadership positions at premier developmental programs such as Toronto’s Elite Camps, Dalhousie Basketball Camps, and various NBL Canada camps. Robert has used his experience to host his signature “Rob Nortmann Training” basketball camps and clinics in Australia, Canada and the United States.

“Rob Nortmann Training”

Robert’s passion for basketball is only surpassed by his passion for encouraging and inspiring young people. Robert is passing down drills, tips, and tricks of the trade that the pros have been using for years. He is adept at helping players get to their next level, whether you are an inexperienced athlete or an advanced player. Robert creates well rounded programs that emphasize understanding the game and developing skills to get a player to their next level. Robert also uses basketball to teach life lessons that can lead young people to success in all aspects of their life. The “Rob Nortmann Training” program will develop a players athleticism, skill level, basketball IQ, and character.


“As parents of a 11 year old boy-keeping them interested in something and keeping fit is very important to us.  When Kyle showed us great interest in Basketball we encouraged him to fulfill it, whenever he can play a game or get involved with a group we are only too happy to sign him up.  After a Rainmen basketball game this past winter-Kyle told me that #28 has basketball clinics and training for kids – so I asked Rob at the end of the game and he gave me his card and I emailed him the next day.  Kyle really looks forward to the clinics each week and is proud of the drills, positions and plays that Rob has help him with-this puts a smile on Kyle’s face and in turn one of our face,  as our boy is doing something he loves and getting great help in fulfilling his passion for basketball”

– Ian and Lorna

“Thank you for a great 3 hour session on Saturday. My wife and kids said you were very nice, great at motivating, and coach much like I would.  Passion is not easy to find in minor league sports.  Most coaches are too laid back and let the kids do whatever they want.  A good coach ensures the kids try to perform the drills properly.  It was good to see Sam really sore for the last couple of days.”


For bookings or inquiries about “Rob Nortmann Training” please email us.

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