Public Speaking


Robert’s long career as a professional athlete has led to many opportunities to share his story and message. Through years of public speaking experience, Robert has developed an exciting presentation that is inspired by his time as a Harlem Globetrotter. Book Robert now to motivate your students or employees to succeed with a fun and interactive presentation!

Perseverance Presentation

Robert Nortmann started playing basketball at the late age of 15 with dreams of playing pro ball. However, the game did not come naturally to him. Also during those high school years, he struggled to make the grade academically. For years Robert was told that he was too far behind his peers. He was told that he didn’t have the ability to succeed athletically or academically, and that he should lower his expectations. However, Robert had faith in his abilities and learned to use that outward negativity and his failures as motivation. Through faith, hard work and perseverance, Robert was able to succeed on the court and in the classroom. After graduating from Dalhousie University as 2 time AUS Conference Champion and an AUS Conference All-star with a BA in History. Robert went onto a successful career as a professional basketball player, playing internationally, and even playing with the Harlem Globetrotters. For the last few years Robert has shared his story with the youth. Helping them to overcome obstacles and become inspired to become positive members of society


Bullying, Discrimination & Violence Prevention 

Bullying, Discrimination and Violence are issues that have affected our society for generations. Studies have shown that these issues are on the rise and have affected many students’ day to day experience. Rob is reaching out to communities and bringing the important message of bullying, discrimination, and violence prevention. This important message is illustrated with participation from the kids and some of the Globetrotters’ signature humor and ball handling skills. Creating an interactive and fun presentation with memories that will last a lifetime. Learning these lessons from a positive, aspirational role model, can have an amazing impact on a child’s life. Together we can curve this behavior by creating a culture of understanding and empathy.


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